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YCR 1999 - Summary Report

Expedition Leaders
Ernest Lawrence
Audrey Lawrence
Colin Bunce
John Sweeney
Adrian Thomas
Mary Ahern
Rosemary Eager

Young people involved
Dave Masterson
Dave Hinsley
Rebecca Powell
Fergus Boydell
David Dunne
Barry McKenna
Ciara O'Hagen
Seamus Breathnach
Gordon Richardson
Andrew Corbett
Keith Colton
Nicholas Dillon

The 1999 expedition returned to Closani, but this time smaller groups travelled away to outlying limestone areas for short visits using Closani as a base camp. We travelled in June, so it was not so hot but water levels were higher. The second international Ireland v. Romania football game was held - Ireland came second again!

New Caves visited

The Banat areaSeveral caves visited to collect stalagmite samples for dating
Polovragi gorge areaA show cave with extensive maze cave beyond
Sohodoli gorge areaSpectacular scenery with some short caves
Pestera femeiiUpper section of Topolnita, large, dry and beautiful passages.
Pestera CureceaLarge passage with swim out at exit

Many of the caves visited last time around were re-visited:
Closani CaveTwo incredibly beautiful passages.
Cioca cu BrebeniA short cave with lots of popcorn and helictites.
Pestera VacilorA maze cave.
Pestera LazuluiThe end of the survey was reached, and further passages investigated
Pestera MartelSumped some distance after the pitch
Ripa VanataLadders and climbing into a large passage
TopolnitaVery wet through trip in massive passage
Pestera BulbaEntrance passage sumped
Pestera ZatonMud pit full of water
SalitrariHigh in the mountains, large passage to beautiful chamber

Scientific work
A map of Closani village was drawn
Stalagmite samples collected for dating and analysis
Photographic recording
Cave documentation