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YCR 1997 - Summary Report

Expedition Leaders
Ernest Lawrence
Audrey Lawrence
Colin Bunce
John Sweeney
David Scott
Mary Ahern
Julie Stephenson
Rosemary Eager

Young people involved
Davy Walsh
Neil Watson
Rebecca Powell
Claire Woods
Michelle Shannon
Barry McKenna
Sharon Hennessy
Laura Fitzpatrick
Donal O'Connor
Joy McKenna
Becky Keenan
Noel Mullen
Jamie Collins
Helena Bryne

Video Team
Emma Lawrence
Gary Cicinskas

The 1997 expedition was based in Closani, a long village stretched along the Motru river valley. Closani is about 40km from Tirgu Jiu in the Mehedinti region of south west Romania. As well as visits to many local caves we made friends with the villagers and held the first local/international Ireland v. Romania football game - Ireland came second!

Caves visited - (Longer descriptions of these caves are available in the full YCR1997 report.)

Closani CaveTwo incredibly beautiful passages.
Cioca cu BrebeniA short cave with lots of popcorn and helictites.
Pestera VacilorA maze cave.
Pestera LazuluiFew formations but some climbs.
Pestera MartelFew formations, one ladder, some climbs a bit like swiss cheese
Ripa VanataLadders and climbing into a large passage
TopolnitaVery wet through trip in massive passage
Pestera BulbaWet entrance to 2 passages, one is dry with many stalactites
Pestera ZatonA huge dry cave passing through a hill
SalitrariHigh in the mountains, large passage to beautiful chamber
PonicovaLarge passage passing through a hill to end at the Danube River

Scientific work
Radon measurements
Photographic recording
Cave documentation
Video making