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Psychology Dissertation Ideas: 55 Sample Topics

Topic selection greatly determines your experience as you write psychology dissertations. With the sea of topics at your disposal, you may find it hard to settle for one idea that’s specific enough to exhaust within the prescribed word count.

Here, we will highlight some tips on choosing quality psychology dissertation topics, helping you ensure a smooth time with your paper. We will also share some psychology dissertation ideas to help you brainstorm on various topics that are relevant to your assignment. 

What to consider when selecting a dissertation in psychology

Selecting a topic just because you like it may not be the best approach for a psychology dissertation. Ideally, your selected topic should:

  • Offer you a wide range of unique insight that is yet to be tackled in existing work. This is because a good dissertation should evoke new ideas for solving a problem within your field. As such, you should conduct extensive research on your topic to determine the arguments that are at your disposal. 
  • Offer you multiple sources to support various claims within your paper. 
  • Be interesting in light of various emerging issues within your field. 
  • Appeal to your interests to ensure that you have the necessary motivation to manage your research. 
  • Gain approval from your faculty committee. 

These tips should help you select a topic for smooth writing and amazing dissertations. Feel free to request psychology dissertation help to overcome various issues you may encounter when going about your dissertation.

Psychology dissertation ideas

Clinical psychology dissertation topics

  1. Are humans becoming addicted to Facebook in the modern era? 
  2. A contrast between cognitive behavior therapy and psychoanalytic therapy 
  3. How can family members help with substance abuse treatment? 
  4. Examine many medical remedies for insomnia. 
  5. Investigating the prevalence of psychological problems over the previous ten years 
  6. The importance of play therapy in dealing with refugee children in a new place 
  7. Gender variations in eating disorders among teenagers 
  8. What is the connection between depression and low-income households in developing nations? 
  9. Define schizophrenia and provide potential treatments 

Dissertation topics in psychology

  1. Explain how a sleeping issue impacts a sportsman’s endurance. 
  2. What are the potential negative consequences of steroids on an athlete’s mental health? 
  3. Explain how physical activity can help with mood fluctuations. 
  4. Discuss the fundamental approaches used in psychological research. 
  5. Is it true that geniuses are created rather than born? 
  6. Explain how various colors might improve a person’s attitude. 
  7. Distinguish between mental disorders and mood disorders. 
  8. Which techniques can athletes utilize to effectively regulate and control their negative emotions? 
  9. Is behavioral therapy the most effective way to treat criminals? 

Easy psychology dissertation topics

  1. Look at cults as sociological structures. 
  2. Explain the connection between mental games and a child’s cognitive abilities. 
  3. Explain the many aspects of schizophrenia. 
  4. Examine how online pornography affects a new generation of consumers. 
  5. What impact does genetics have on interpersonal relationships? 
  6. How does your memory change as you get older? 
  7. What effect do colors have on a child’s learning? 
  8. What are the most effective ways to cope with loss and grief? 
  9. What are the health advantages of having dreams? 
  10. Do violent fantasies have any real-world implications? 

Forensic psychology dissertation ideas

  1. What are the credibility and dependability of an eyewitness’ memory? 
  2. Which guidelines should psychologists follow when communicating verbally with criminals in court? 
  3. Can narcissistic personality disorder cause a couple to have an abusive marriage? 
  4. Discuss the significance of upbringing in preventing the development of a serial killer. 
  5. Define internet policing and discuss some effective ways for doing so. 
  6. Factors related to the stalking phenomenon.
  7. Are there enough safeguards in place to decrease the chances of students in special education ending up in the criminal justice system? 
  8. Social internet and its significance in youngsters finding new ways to commit crimes.
  9. Is the criminal justice system and prisons effective in rehabilitation? 
  10. Discuss the circumstances that have led to the emergence of domestic terrorism. 

Psychology dissertation topics

  1. Investigate the various forms of learning difficulties and how to manage them. 
  2. Aggression predictors in juvenile home inmates.
  3. What effect does homelessness have on mental health? 
  4. Can music deter criminal conduct in public? 
  5. Correctional institutions’ methods for changing criminals’ thinking patterns.
  6. How police officers can use emotional intelligence in job interviews 
  7. Differentiating between psychologists, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists. 
  8. Explain whether there is a difference in depression between men and women. 
  9. Explain why handsome people frequently have an advantage at work. 

School psychology dissertation topics

  1. Substance misuse and depression are linked. 
  2. The psychological consequences of being a single parent.
  3. How does the impact of others shape our personalities? 
  4. Discuss the relevance of self-esteem in academic success. 
  5. What impact has psychology research made on other sciences? 
  6. Can children with latent cognitive skills be taught to make moral decisions? 
  7. When a member of the immediate family dies, how do family relations change? 
  8. The use of medications to treat bipolar disorder.
  9. What precisely is organizational psychology?