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45 Dissertation Topics in Education for Your Research

Topic selection is a key determinant of your dissertation writing experience. If poorly selected, a topic may give you sleepless nights as you hunt for sources or deny you fresh insights, resulting in plagiarism. 

Also, overly broad and narrow topics may limit your capacity to exhaust a topic and meet the stipulated word count. It is thus crucial to master the approach of selecting a topic to have a smooth writing experience. 

This article will highlight the steps for selecting an education dissertation topic and highlight various dissertation topics in education to inform your topic selection. 

What is a dissertation in education?

A dissertation is a paper submitted as part of your master’s or doctoral program. These papers require you to analyse a research gap in your field, examine the problem and make fact-based conclusions on various issues.

Often, the dissertation requires some form of research to quantify various claims on which you have based your paper. Like all academic essays, education dissertations have a thesis that highlights the key issue within the research.

How to choose a dissertation topic in education

There are many emerging issues within the field of education. As such, students are spoilt with choices for dissertation topics and can thus select any area that piques their interest.

Unfortunately, the plethora of choices may cause you to struggle with narrowing your choices to one option. When going about the selection of a topic for your dissertation:

  1. Read the prompt

Before settling on a topic, consult the prompt to determine the range of ideas you can examine within the broader essay question. This should then inform your research and help you ensure that your topic is relevant as per the faculty’s guidelines.

  1. Brainstorm

After gauging the dissertation question, think of various ideas that have previously piqued your interest regarding this topic. These topics are a great option for you as they offer ample motivation to exhaust your research. 

  1. Research

After coalescing your ideas, check various emerging issues within your field. These topics are barely subject to existing dissertations and thus allow for unique perspectives on various problems. 

Also, check for the extent to which an idea has been researched and determine unique approaches that would evoke new findings and conclusions. Ideally, settle for a topic with multiple sources to support various claims within your paper. 

  1. Develop an outline

After narrowing down your topic options, develop a research outline for the three/ two topics you had prioritized. The outline will allow you to gauge how well the topic can be exhausted, ensuring that you have ample material for a rich discussion. 

The outline also guides your dissertation prospectus as it highlights the key ideas you intend to tackle within your paper. 

Education dissertation ideas

Best dissertation topics in education

  1. The potential application of virtual reality for student educational assessment
  2. COVID-19’s Effect on Educational Institutions 
  3. The impact of the Coronavirus epidemic on schooling
  4. Should primary schools enable kids to study individually to improve their performance? 
  5. What are parents’ perspectives on play-based learning in schools? 
  6. What impact do educators agree tech has had on students’ learning? 
  7. What do parents think about classroom smartphone apps designed to promote parent-student interactions? 
  8. What are teachers’ perspectives on the challenges and possibilities of learning for poor children? 
  9. What differences do teachers make in their behaviour control tactics for students with developmental delays?

Dissertation topics in higher education

  1. The Internet’s influence on students’ social and spiritual values 
  2. Interactive strategies for developing motivation for foreign language study among non-core students 
  3. Follow the progression of learning methods throughout history
  4. Economic development and environmental issues in international trade 
  5. The conceptual basis for building a personalized educational path for students in the university’s digital educational environment 
  6. Harassment of younger pupils in interpersonal connections in the educational setting 
  7. Are any of the restrictions regarding education and dress code outdated? 
  8. The relationship between anxiety and adaptability for international students 
  9. What are your thoughts on same-gender schools and their effect on sexuality? 

Dissertation topics in science education

  1. The role played by education in restricting the classroom and cyberbullying
  2. What roles does education play in addressing classroom violence? 
  3. Examine the harmful effects of home-schooling on students
  4. What causes do you believe are to blame for school dropouts? 
  5. School uniformity and how it has outlived its usefulness
  6. The impact of digital literacy on pupils’ learning and capacities
  7. Diversity in classrooms and how it can benefit children 
  8. What role do soft skills play in the professional world? 
  9. Factors contributing to the erosion of ethics in schools 

Interesting education dissertation topics

  1. Which gender outperforms the other in school? 
  2. Excluding religious studies from schools is the correct anti-terrorism decision
  3. Should the school arm itself to defend the students? 
  4. Online vs. traditional education in the educational system 
  5. Is it vital for instructors to be good parents? 
  6. Should grades be kept or discarded? 
  7. What do you think about sex education classes? 
  8. In terms of children’s education, how do male teachers vary from female teachers? 
  9. How pupils with mental illnesses can enhance their academic performance

Topics for dissertation in education

  1. What are your thoughts on expelling emotionally distressed schoolchildren? 
  2. The link between exercise and improved grade performance
  3. Understanding the need for policy reforms in health and physical education in prison
  4. What elements are to blame for the Humanities’ decline? 
  5. Why are university degrees no longer recognized in the workplace today? 
  6. Is distance learning the future of higher education? 
  7. Would you suggest that skill or degree is more important? 
  8. Do teachers require a degree before they can work as professionals? 
  9. Should pupils be required to learn to code?