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There are three levels of Assessment within the scheme:

  • Basic Cave Leader: For those intending to take novices on a short caving trip excluding deep water and the use of ropes or artificial aids. This is the minimum possible "award" and as such should be achieved before leading a group underground.
  • Cave Leader: For those taking others on longer caving trips which may involve deep water, use of ropes and ladders but excluding the use of SRT.
  • Cave Instructor: For those who wish to instruct or lead others in the more advanced caving techniques and systems, in association with the National Caving Association in Britain

How to apply:
There is a Basic Cave Leader training course held, on average, every 18 months with assessments being undertaken nearly every year. These courses are advertised in the SUI Newsletter along with the annual training programme. Leadership candidates are strongly advised to build up their own personal caving experience before applying for these courses.

Cave Leader training is only available to those who have already achieved Basic Cave Leader or its equivalent. Application can be made directly to [email protected]