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>Ladder and Lifeline course

This Course aims to introduce the caver to the more advanced cave where some climbing may be necessary.

  • The course is run over one day.
  • Personal Caving equipment will not be supplied on the course.

Course Programme

  • General Conservation: what is a cave and how to protect it and us
  • Knots workshop: Figure of 8, Bowline, Italian hitch, etc.
  • Equipment Description: Ladders, Ropes, Slings, Krabs, Belay equipment
  • Ladder climbing techniques: Safety equipment, Equipment protection

The Course will include a cave trip and allow the candidate an opportunity to apply what was learnt during the mornings sessions.

The Candidate
It is designed to suit the basic level of recreational caver including, club, college and university levels.

The Qualification
It is expected that the candidate has caved regularly and/or has attended the SUI's 'Introduction to Caving Course'

The Training
This course is designed to introduce the candidate to safe practices and techniques using ladders and lifelines and where to use each.

The Equipment
The candidate will be expected to bring his/her own personal caving equipment. Ladders, Ropes etc., will be provided by the trainers.

The Trainers
All trainers will be to CL standard minimum and have caved well above this level.

Application can be made directly to [email protected]