>Millenium Edition of the Irish Sump Index

The last Sump Index for Ireland was published in 1988 by the Cave Diving Group and SUI and appeared in a special edition of Irish Speleology (Volume 4 No. 2).
If you have a copy I suggest that you hold on to it, as they are pretty thin on the ground.
Indeed the difficulty experienced in locating an original copy led to the suggestion of publishing a 2nd edition. After several inquiries and chats with those that ‘know’, the compilation has begun and a publishing date for the next Symposium has been tentatively set.

Thankfully, Gareth Ll. Jones still has the text of the original Index on file so the task has been made considerably easier. But what he doesn’t have is details of what has happened in Irish cave diving since 1988! Contact is being made with as many people as possible known to have been involved in cave diving exploration in Ireland since ‘88. But as ever there could be those out there that will escape the dragnet and this article is for you.

So if you have any information, leads, pictures, stories, surveys, or suggestions that you feel belong in the Millennium Edition Irish Sump Index, please please please please send it in as soon as possible.

Don’t presume someone else has already done it: make contact and make sure.