>Forthcoming Cave Rescue Exercises(ICRO)

Poll na Grai, 3rd avenThe ICRO training programme includes cave rescue exercises, which are held each year throughout the country.

These events give cavers opportunity to brush up on various rescue skills, including rigging, surface and sub-surface communications, first aid etc.

ICRO Training and Rescue Practices 2005
All events except major practices to be booked through the ICRO Training Officer, Seamus Breathnach.

19th February 2005: Clare Major Practice
Meet at Clare Rescue Store, 09.30am.

16th April 2005: Digging & Rockbreaking Course
Meet at Gortatole rescue store, Fermanagh, 09.30am.

2nd July 2005: Wardens Day
Meet at Clare Rescue Store, 09.30am.

September 2005: Coast Guard,NIMCCRCC Assessment
Date to be confirmed. Meet at Clare Rescue Store, 09.30am.

October 2005: Cork Major Practice
Time & date to be confirmed.