>Cave Rescue Training

ICRO Training :

The Irish Cave Rescue Organisation (ICRO) provide training for advanced cavers who become involved and are available in the event of an incident within cave and mine environments.
The training programme is set each year by the Training Officer who, in conjunction with Cave Wardens in each of the caving regions, will run training events internally or secure external trainers to run specialist courses.

Training Subjects:

  Rigging:   Anchors
  Traverse Lines
  Rescue etc.
  Communications:   Radio Techniques
  VHF Licence
  Rock Breaking:   Plugs and Feathers
  Explosives etc.
  SRT:   Personal SRT Kit
  SRT Techniques
  Rope Rescue, etc.
  Bolting:   Bolt Location
  ECO Bolts 
  First Aid:   Advanced First Aid with REC trainers

Application for training can be made directly to [email protected]