The beautiful Lusty Beg Island hotel, Boa Island, Kesh, Co. Fermanagh. To book your room/chalet contact Mary or Roy only

The hotel has been block-booked until Monday September 29th, especially for all attendees of the 2008 SUICRO symposium.

Just say that you are booking for the SUI conference and the special rates will be applied to you.

After September 29th, that special block-booking will be removed and the hotel accommodation will be opened up to the general public so rooms may not be guaranteed.

Please get booking as soon as possible.

Phone numbers are: 04868 633300 from the south and 02868 633300 from the north.

Get booking!

Room Rates

Lusty Beg Island special rates for Symposium 2008 Block booking held until Monday September 29th - Get booking!

*check availability with hotel

When checking into the hotel on Friday/Saturday/Sunday you will be asked if you want to eat dinner in the hotel. If you do, you will have to inform them what day and the time.

The hotel is strict about this because it is a very popular place and they need to know what number they will be catering for in the restaurant.

This applies to those availing of the two-night deal - you will have to tell them what time you will have your incuded dinner and on what day.

They will not just allow people to walk in and sit down and order their meals.