What's On?

19:00 Arrival and Registration
21:00Fancy Dress Party with DJ
13:00Aghnahoo DIY
13:00Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service equipment demonstration.
The workshop will be divided into the following parts:
13:00Presentation on the Specialist Rescue Team of the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service
13:30 Demonstration of the Specialist Rescue Team Euipment, including search cameras, casualty detection equipment, microphones, air bags and gel 'sandbags'.
13:50Ferry trip to the mainland
14:00Assemble on the lake bank to watch a demonstration of how the NI Fire and Rescue Service use High Volume Pumps.
14:30Ferry back to island
18:45Baseline Conservation Status for Caves in Northern Ireland — Les Brown
The results of conservation assessments of caves in Northern Ireland undertaken by John Kelly and Les Brown.
19:30Caving in Voronya 2008 — Stephen Macnamara
The September 2008 expedition to the world's deepest cave
20:30Shannon Breakthrough — Stephen McCullagh and Tony Furnell
The Shannon Cave Group talk about the recent breakthrough into 1.4 km of new passage in Shannon Cave
21:00Cave diving in Pollatoomary — Artur Kozlowski
Setting the UK/Ireland cave diving depth record.
22:00SUICRO Monster Raffle
23:00Open Session till late (bring your own instruments!)
10:00SUI AGM
11:30Tea/Coffee break
12:00Open Forum
13:30Tyrolean workshop — Stephen McCullagh
13:30Burren Tour given — Gaby Burns
Meet at 13:30 at The Market House in Blacklion
18:45Caving in the Picos de Europa — Aileen Connor
A recent expedition to the Picos de Europa National Park to connect the Texa-Tormenta and Culiembro Cave Systems.
19:30Caving in Alaska 2008 — Ronan O'Ceallachain
Caving (and surviving) in the St Elias National Park. For a taste of things to come see the preview.
20:30Cave Diving in BU56/ Sima de las Puertas de Illamina — Phil Rowsell
The YSS expedition to BU56, a cave to which access is seldom granted, to dive the terminal sumps.
21:00Short Break and Bear Furnell’s video premiere
21:15Photo Competition
21:30Table Quiz — Dave Curran and Laura Walsh
12:00Depart for home

As usual, the timetable may prove wildly inaccurate.