What Else?

Whaddya mean "what else"? Wasn't that enough? Well, the other important things for you to know about are.


The island is a two minute ferry trip from the mainland - ferry trips commence at 8.30am and finish at 11pm.

If you are arriving after that time on Friday night, you will still be able to get the ferry over as the bar will be open until 1.30am and you will be able to contact the hotel for assistance.

Photo comp

This year the photo competition will be held on Sunday evening and will be judged by Tim Fogg. It's split into 3 categories:

You can enter your masterpieces by giving them to Aileen Connor or Bernie Commins at registration. If you are unable to make registration, entry can be made to either Aileen or Bernie to 1pm on Saturday. Prizes will be tasty!!