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Irish Speleology..No. 17    Date Published: November 2000

Earth Science Conservation Review - the karst geomorphology of Northern Ireland
Text of an illustrated talk: ESCR Karst Geomorphology: The Findings
Karst Theme of The Irish Geological Heritage Programme
SWOT Analysis of the Karst Conservation programmes in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
A Potted History of Cave Access in Ireland
Cave Access and Conservation at Marble Arch Caves and Elsewhere in Fermanagh
The Management of Access to the Countryside in Northern Ireland: Present and Future

New Discoveries in the Maze Area of Pollnagollum - Pollelva System
The History of Exploration in Poulnagree
Pollnapaste, Lettermacaward, Co. Donegal
Pollawaddy Cave, Liscahul, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon

Caves in Metemorphic Limestones of the Irish Dalradian Supergroup
The Origin and occupation history of Poll na mBear, Glenade, Co. Leitrim


Irish Speleology..No. 16    Date Published: November 1997

The Caves of Co. Clare (1837 edition)
The disappearance of Lough Funshinagh
Caves under Ivory Towers
A small cave within Quaternary deposits at Parkgate Street, Dublin 8
'Oweynagat', Rathcroghan, Co. Roscommon and associated karst features
Karst Landforms and Hydology of the Co. Westmeath 'Lakeland' area
A study of Closani Cave, Romania
Caddis fly larval tubes in Polltallon
The Karst reference database

Poll an Chaisc (B8b, Easter Cave)
The caves at Ballagh, Co. Tipperary
Report on Irish participation in expedition to Wim Tindouine, Morocco
Other recent finds
Review: The Karst and Caves of Great Britain

Irish Speleology..No. 15    Date Published: November 1995

Poultalloon, Co. Clare
New extensions in Cullaun 1, Co. Clare
Gortlecka Cave, Mullaghmore, Co. Clare
Poulnagollum Slieve Elva: The Citric Series
Bibliography and list of the Caves of Co. Kerry
Kilmurry Cave, Castleisland, Co. Kerry
Crag Quarry Caves
The Crag Cave System and Associated Karst
Poll Chait, Coolbane, Co. Cork
PollCnoc an Spa, Co. Kilkenny
Further extensions in Mermaids Hole
Black Burn Cave, Co. Antrim
Other recent finds
Longest and Deepest

Radon Gas Levels in Some Burren Caves
The Glacial Erosion of the Shale Edge of the Northwest Burren, Co. Clare and the Age of the caves
Sediments of Ailwee Cave
An Unusual deposit in Coole Cave, Co. Galway
The Vertebrate Fauna of Pollnagollum of the Boats, Co. Fermanagh
Speleothems as Palaeoclimatic Recorders; A review of recent advances and research in progress
Killuragh Caves and other of east Limerick
Could your dig be a valuable archaeological site?

Irish Speleology..No. 14    Date Published May 1991

Seven Streams Cave, Co. Clare
Locating marine caves using the geophysical VLF-EM method
Extension of Robbers Den Cave, Co. Clare
Report on an excavation at Robbers Den Cave, Ballynahowen, Co.Clare
Clay flutings in Ailwee Cave
Pollnacgeim, Co. Clare
New extension in Cullaum 1
Pluais an Sciathain Leathair -C.S.G.'s new cave in Carrigtwohill
Pollahune (Shannon) goes further (Mayfly extension)
The Ture Rising System: A review of work to date
The caves, and their relation to the geology and hydrology of the northern Dartry hills, Co. Leitrim
All you ever wanted to know about Leptospirosis
Early days of cave rescue in Ireland
The caves and karst of Portrane, Co. Dublin
Cave Conservation in Ireland: guidelines for the designation of caves as sites of major scientific interest
A philosophy for Show Cave development
Conservation Problems in the Development of Show Caves with spacial reference to the proposed development Poll an Ionain, Co. Clare
SUI - Conservation and Access Policy
The Raven Potholing Club Expedition to Cueva Coventosa, northern Spain, 1990

Irish Speleology..No. 13    Date Published: 1989

A Summary Guide to the Caves of the Cong Area and Outlying Caves in North Co. Galway and Co. Mayo, with complete Bibliography
A Study of Carbonate Aquifers in the Karst of North-West ireland
Cascades Resurgence Cave
Head over Heals Pot
New Caves in the Burren?
Poll Dearg, Co. Clare
Geology and Caves of Cuilcagh Mountain, Co.'s Fermanagh and Cavan
Extension to Cullaum 1
Groundwater Quality in Karst Areas of Ireland
Caves in Co. Waterford


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