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The Caves of Fermanagh and Cavan
2nd edition.
Gareth Ll Jones, Gaby Burns, Tim Fogg, John Kelly.
ISBN 0-9531602-0-3

Detailing the hidden world of these caves and potholes, this book brings together the expertise of speleologists, cartographers, single rope experts, photographers and speleogeneticists, together with contributions by hydrogeologists, bat experts, conservationists and etymologists.

Caves of Fermanagh and Cavan cover, 11K
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Minerals and mines in Ireland cover, 25K
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Memoirs of Localities of Minerals of Economic Importance and Metalliferous Mines in Ireland
Grenville A.J. Cole
Published by the Mining Heritage Society of Ireland 1999.
ISBN 0-9534538-0-4

A facsimile edition of the Geological Survey of Ireland Memoir of 1922. A good starting point for anyone interested in exploring all those man made holes in the ground.

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: €10.15

Beneath our Feet cover, 13K
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Beneath our feet: The Caves and Limestone Scenery of the North of Ireland
Timothy and Pamela Fogg
ISBN 1-84123-3471

An informative and readable study on the karst and caves of the north of Ireland. It contains breathtaking photographs of Northern Ireland and is the first of its kind to simply and clearly define what karst and caves are. The study goes on to map their development and illustrates examples within Northern Ireland.

Cost: €15.90