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Use this page to subscribe for membership:

You first need to print this page, then complete it and send it with

  • 15euro (10stg) (cheque, crossed payable to SUI) and
  • A colour passport photograph

To: David Masterson “SUI Treasurer”, 25 Cnoc na Greine View,
      Kilculllen, Co. Kildare

You will receive a laminated membership card with your photo attached.



Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Date of Birth: _____________________________
Do you require the FFS comprehensive insurance scheme? If yes, please enclose an additional cheque for 55euro (£35stg), crossed payable to SUI.
If you only require details of the FFS scheme at present, please tick here:______
Are you a member of a club? If so, which?
Category:Novice, Student, Experienced, Old Hand etc.
Previous caving experience:
SRT skills:
Cave training or related skills, eg.first aid:
Cave Rescue Training:
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