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Cave entrance, RomaniaThe SUI has as part of its brief the development of safe caving practice. It is widely accepted that International caving plays a very important role in the development of the sport and its participants. SUI therefore makes available some funding each year for expeditions abroad.

In the past number of years the following expeditions have been supported:

Azores Atlantic Tubes
Picos d'Europa
Cave Romania
Picos d'Europa
Siberia 2000
Benerat 2000
>Applications for Expedition Funding
Expedition Grant Aid Application Form, (20KB, .pdf)
Guidelines for Expedition Report, (17KB, .pdf)
You will need Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded free here: Adobe Reader

Guide Notes for applicants
'Expeditions are distinguished from holidays by several factors, but probably the clearest differences are a search for previously undiscovered cave passage and elements of risk, self reliance and background research which are not normally required when simply jumping on a ferry.' (Ghar Parau Foundation)

Criteria for Judging Expeditions
Because of the limited funding available and the growing number of applications made to SUI each year, it is now necessary to formalise the process of application and judge each expedition not only on its own merits but also against other applications. The following should therefore be borne in mind when applying for funding.

  • What makes the expedition unique?
  • In what way will it help to develop caving and particularly Irish caving?
  • Is there significant potential for new finds?
  • Is there a scientific flavour to the expedition?
  • Has there been sufficient preparatory research carried out?
  • Do the team members match the objectives set out?
  • Is there enough time to fulfil the expedition objectives?

The committee will also consider what efforts are being made by the expedition team to fund the expedition outside this application and the financial commitment being made by members of the team. A track record from previous expeditions would be useful though less experienced cavers who show sound expedition planning and potential will also be considered.

Submitting your Application
The committee will consider applications for funding twice each year. It is therefore necessary to apply for grant aid well in advance of the expedition date. It is advisable to supplement the official basic application form (available above in .pdf format) with maps, surveys and other information deemed important to the successful outcome of the expedition planned. Please furnish four copies of your application. A decision will be made at least two month in advance of the departure date and an answer will be sent to the expedition leader by post. Grants are deliverable upon receipt of a comprehensive report on the Expedition which should be sent to the Expedition Officer soon after the expedition returns and scientific data correlated. This will facilitate future SUI funded expeditions to the area and studies in similar areas of research.

Address for Correspondence

SUI Expedition Officer,
5 Kennington Crescent,
Dublin 6W

Fax: +353 1 2965152
Further information from the expedition officer