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>County Sligo and County Leitrim

Map of Sligo & LeitrimMany of the caves of this area are located on the high limestone plateaux. The limestone is rich in chert, which has greatly influenced cave development; there are numerous deep potholes but few caves of any length.

The most significant systems are those above the village of Geevagh in County Sligo. The high plateau between Glencar and Glenade and that North East of Glenade are dotted with many potholes.

A small booklet of surveys of the major systems of Sligo/Letrim is available (�3) from Gareth Ll. Jones, 5 Kennington Crescent, Templeogue, DUBLIN 6W.
This area adjoins the Fermanagh / Cavan area and cavers tend to visit it from there using the accomodation and pubs already mentioned above.