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Personal equipment:

Everyone going caving must wear a helmet with an attached light. This protects your head and leaves your hands free to help you move through the cave.

It is a good idea to bring a bar of chocolate or boiled sweets into the cave as you will find caving very strenuous to begin with and an energy booster is a great help. You will also want a hot drink and something to eat when you come out of the cave.

A small lightweight personal survival bag ( Lyon Sac ) is easy to carry and could save your life if you are delayed inside the cave.

Group Equipment: As a group, you will need to bring:-

  • several spare lights ( carry different types - battery torch + candle / matches ).
  • A first aid kit (essential to carry with you.)
  • A 'Comfort Sac' should be left at the entrance, this contains extra clothing and stove etc., in case of emergency.